Trail of Painted Ponies AWAY IN A MANGER 2021 Holiday Nativity Figurine 6011777

Trail of Painted Ponies

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Trail Of Painted Ponies

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Away In A Manger

Item: 6011777 - 1st Edition
Laurie Cook's own words in explaining the inspiration for her design: "I wanted to portray the quiet moments after the birth of Jesus, when only Mary and Joseph were there to breathe in His wonder. Like many parents, they probably gazed in admiration at their baby's perfect fingers and toes. I'm sure they had no idea that soon there would be kings arriving, bearing gifts.... On the reverse side of the Pony, I wanted the three kings to be slowly making their way across the landscape, following a brilliant star in the sky. Did they travel in awed silence? Did they call excitedly to one another about what this momentous occasion would bring to the world? We can only wonder."

Introduced in 2021

7.5 inches tall

This figurine comes in the original Trail Of Painted Ponies box.


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