Trail of Painted Ponies 2021 Figurine EL CHARRO 6008840

Trail of Painted Ponies

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Trail Of Painted Ponies

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El Charro

Item: 6008840 - 1st Edition
Hail "El Charro"! a tribute to those highly skilled horsemen who are the Mexican equivalent of the iconic cowboy of the American West. Defenders of landowners by helping them protect property and cattle against bandits, and good family men who were respectful towards women and renowned for the way they honored traditional values, Charros gave rise to a whole new style of fashion - tightly tapered suits of leather and suede with beautiful shirts and jackets embroidered with gold and silver threaded flowers, and broad-brimmed sombreros made of horse and rabbit hair with a leather chin strap to hold it in place. They are also recognizable by the horses they ride - tacked out in traditional Mexican saddles with large platter-sized horns that work well for roping livestock with rawhide ropes.

Introduced in 2021

7 inches tall

This figurine comes in the original Trail Of Painted Ponies box.


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