Heartfully Yours FALL WEAVER 22404 Ornament LE 400 Halloween Spider

Heartfully Yours FALL WEAVER 22404 Ornament LE 400 Halloween Spider

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Heartfully Yours Ornament


Limited Edition of 400

Item Number 22404

Introduced in 2023, Made in Czech Republic

4 inch span

This ornament comes in an official Heartfully Yours box.

You are heartedly welcomed to artist/author Christopher Radko’s second collection of HeARTfully Yours™ artisan European-made glass ornaments. This is a boutique collection of very limited editions, each numbered. Once they are gone, they are gone. It’s Mr. Radko’s only new collection after he sold his previous company over 15 years ago. HeARTfully Yours™ ornaments are all genuinely made in Europe, in countries including Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Italy. Mr. Radko developed this 2023 collection working closely in person with t he 8 cottage workshops he personally selected. These ateliers keep the olden 19th century traditions of glassblowing alive, with the moms and dads still involved, and the kids trying to s tay out of trouble. Each creation takes 7 days to make. Being handmade, every ornament is original and truly a work of HeART. These ornaments are legacy memory-makers, to be cherished by your family for gene rations to come.

Meet The Artist Mr. Christopher Radko Heartfully Yours